We are a full service property management company, specializing in the challenges that come with renting your property. Not only do we manage all aspects of property and guest management, we can also act as your rental agent - or help furnish, photograph, and manage the renovations when getting your unit ready to rent. We take a modest percentage to manage the entire process for you, leaving you with a completely hands off income stream.


A qualified property manager can provide an essential buffer between you as a property owner, and the tenants you host. We work to mitigate issues that arise from rent collection, tenant screening, eviction requests and more. Through experience and statistics, we set appropriate rental rates, advertise and market the property to minimize vacancies, manage relationships with contractors, ensure the right tenant for the right location, and above all - maximize return on investment.

At Harrison Property Management we offer competitive monthly rates, variable depending on the scope of your investment property and services required. Call us today to request a quote or schedule a no-obligation consultation


Management Services

Lease Preparation
From drafting, to negotiating terms, to customizing for particular tenants, we handle all things lease. 
Online Listing & Marketing
We list your property across multiple platforms, and drive traffic directly to your listing to find you a pool of qualified tenants.
On Site Maintenance
Our team of contractors, plumbers, and cleaners keep our clients properties in optimal condition before, during, and after renting.
Garbage Collection
Whether an AirBnB unit or traditional long term rental, we have your garbage collection covered, no matter the weather!
Renovations Management
From a coat of paint to a full home remodel, we can source, vet, and manage contractors to give your property the look it deserves.
Tenant Screening
We ensure all of the tenants we place are of the highest quality. Full background and credit screening, along with interviews.
Bill Payments
Whether it's hydro, electricity, contractors or maintenance workers, we can manage all of your day to day bills.
Rent Collection
Arguably the most important part of property management, we make sure your rent is paid on time, and in full.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

Try Harrison Property Management for one month, just to test us out. If you aren't 100% convinced we should be your partner, we'll refund 100% of your management fees. We are that confident we can bring a ton of value as your property management partner or rental agent.